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Just watched, another great episode.

Matt - I'm impressed with how you manage to get all of these people on your show, they must recognize quality when they see it

Anyway, I'm really hoping your view count starts to dramatically increase someday soon but even if it doesn't - I'm hoping you will keep doing this show for as long as possible.
You gave us quite a scare recently!

I think that when years have passed and you (and most other video game related Youtube shows and reviewers) have moved on, yours will be one of the relatively few channels people will look back on as a very high quality show.

Sadly it seems videos in which the person talking raises his voice a lot and curses all over the place; or other gimmicks like that; gain popularity more quickly a lot of the time.
But I think these are the ones that will quickly be forgotten after they're gone as they often really don't have much quality to justify their view numbers.

Anyway, always looking forwards to the next episode of Matt Chat!
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