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Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
Just installed the ACA1230/28 - but looks like ive run into problems right away..
I just get one click from the floppy disk drive and then a black screen, then nothing :-(
I had something similar on mine.. But I also had the same thing with my MBX1200z 8M RAM card, so I was familiar with it..

When i put the card in flush (all the way in), it didn't work. Computer wouldn't power up..
I just had to slide it back a little bit to get it to work...
(Not while the power is on of course...)
No idea why, but it's the same with my 1200 and both cards, so it's something about my connector on my 1200. Once connected and working, it's been great.
Same with my 1200z. Once I found the "sweet spot", it was fine..

Not sure if it's the same with yours, but ??


And the jumpers should be fine and installing ACAtune later is OK.
I didn't run ACAtune when I first got it working. I didn't add it to startup until after I had it working. It just doesn't add the RAM until you run it. (Well, and other things, so you will want to run it, but not having it shouldn't keep your machine from booting.)

p.s. There was also some talk about a timing issue and some caps on a few 1200 Motherboards on here, but I can't remember how that presented itself..
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