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Amiga and 'italo disco' genre

For the longest time, I didn't even know there was a genre called italo, but I've been listening to a variety of italo tunes recently... and it seems obvious to me quite a bit of Amiga music was inspired by this genre.
Not so strange as this was a popular genre in the 80s.

But I was wondering - can any of you point out Amiga tunes that sound especially inspired by this genre? Tunes where you can hear the italo influences very clearly, even if you're not used to Amiga music.

Quite a nice genre this, often very cheesy but I've always had a thing for cheesy stuff

Don't really have any good examples on hand atm, I'm no expert on this genre at all... and I've always been very bad at being able to tell what genre songs belong in, except when it's extremely obvious.

But here is a well known song I think has somewhat of an 'Amiga sound' (no idea what genre this is, sounds like italo to me but I guess it could just as easily be generic 'synth-pop' or whatever you call it... or maybe that is the same as italo... I have no idea ) -
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EDIT - the parts here without the vocals has somewhat of an 'Amiga sound' to me (not a very good song though! ) -
[ Show youtube player ]

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