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Here's an early version of ComFy. It's a software package desiged for transfering ADF images onto real Amigas (A1200 for now, A600 later) using the Compact Flash PCMCIA adapters. Plain and simple.

Boots from an HDF file on the CF card thanks to a special floppy so all the software is available without having to copy files to ram:, swapping disks and all that nonsense. It's just like you'd boot form an 100mb hard drive.

Some of the software:

- WorseFormat (great for formatting old floppy disks)
- SuperDuper (copy/check/format floppy disks, fast and easy)
- TSGui (ADF/DMS Writer)
- TextViewer (no clue what it does )
- JanoEditor (simple text editor that supports tabs)
- Filer (file manager)
- xadmaster, xpkmaster, xfdmaster (for everything that's ever been archived, crunched, compressed)
- ZShell (great little shell replacement)
- TransADF (for (g)zipped ADFs but you'll be better of using funzip, xadunfile to get a clean ADF file and then use TSGui or tracktool, transwarp, transdisk... or better still unpack them on a PC )

Help files are located in the docs drawer on the Goodies disk.

There's much more to come...

- FMS support
- Filer custom configuration suited for ADF transfers
- AppIcons for writing directly to disks (with file type recognition)
- Full screen shell with plenty of useful aliases
- A600 version (need betatesters for this since my A600 came with a version of kickstart that doesn't support PCMCIA -- gee thanks Commodore for selling crippled hardware)
- your suggestions, bugfixes etc.

The zip file contains the following:
comfy.hdf (copy it to the CF card's root directory) (same)
comfy.adf (write it to a floppy disk, needed to boot the whole thing) (self-extracting lha file containing DMS and comfy.dms (same thing as above), small so it can fit onto a 720kb disk)

Any suggestions always welcomed. Take it for a spin, tell me what you think Handle with care


PS. It's free of course so please don't try to rip people off by selling ComFy.

During start-up the internal IDE port is disabled to get rid of that annoying delay. So if you still want access to it comment the first line from the start-up sequence:

;run <>NIL: c:noide ;<- like so
makeres install enable reboot quiet
mount CF0:
mount HD0:
wait 2
movesys cd HD0:
run >NIL: execute s:startup-sequence

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