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Amiga will not 'overtake' any desktop ever, neither in popularity, nor in usage and of course not speed and features (for popular use of computers). Especially not in USA, where it was abandoned first of all countries, and where it's never seen even moderate support since. But I'll give your post the benefit of the doubt and say I don't really get what you mean.

That doesn't mean that more and more ex-Amiga fans aren't getting the nostalgic feeling people got for misc. earlier platforms.

Nobody will get such a nostalgic feeling for a 10 or 20 year old PC, not for a Playstation 1 or a Megadrive. But with Amiga it could be different... I don't know, what do you say?

This thing you heard, "the year of the Amiga" (I've heard it too, twice in different places, and not on EAB I might add) is probably grounded in hearing of more and more people getting their retro platform of choice up and running.

Certainly, finally there are the means to do so in style with the necessary hardware of the last years becoming available to hook up everything easily, so it could have something to do with that. (Shorthand: you can put a usable original Amiga in your living room without having to be a die-hard fan and go through a lot of hassle=basically a few months of asking on forums to set it up.)

For me, the years 1988-1990 will always be THE year of the Amiga more than any years since. But there's been a sort of vacuum now for 12-16 years, and it certainly can be a revival like for C64 the last couple of years.

Any years that it is alive depends 5% on new hardware and 95% on new software. This goes for ANY platform in the universe. For retro platforms, the numbers are a little kinder, because many are happy with rediscovering the software they remember and love, and if there are hardware means to make that happen this could give a fertile ground for new software.
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