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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
As I promised here I present my solution for working floppydisk drive together with Indivision ECS plus ACA630 - Everything inside my beloved A600
Description of pictures
1 - Indivision ECS, I put one socket on it and than I added only one row pin socket on one side. And shaped the pins little, to make it little angled.
2 - A603 with one extra socket on it.
3 - Insert Indivision ECS on A603 ...
4 - ... so it looks like this
5 - I cut part of the metal of my floppy (maybe not necessary if your added sockets are taller than mine)
6 - so it fits perfectly with enough space around it to prevent any unwanted contact
7 - Everything assembled and working fine!
This is awesome.
Is is possible for AmigaKit to produce a similar solution ?
Because the only thing from keeping me off buying the indivision ECS for my A600 is me not wanting to take out the floppy drive.
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