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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
A few more games to consider...

Pokermania (definitely) (Written by quahappy - EAB Member)
Super Obliteration
Tetris Pro (Still love that music!)
The Last Refuge
FaYoh 2
Jouster 3
Waynes World Pong
Pacman 96
Brutal Homicide (Final)
Rocketz (Full)
Insectoids 2
Master Blaster
Super Foul Egg
Galaxy Wars (Written by KEVG - EAB Member)
Should be able to include these; have already added
Super Obliteration, Fayoh 2, Tetris Pro to the cd and they all work and think I have most if not all these games listed so should be able to add these either this weekend or next week.

Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
Any chance of putting Willy's Weird Nightmare on the disc? It's a lovely Jetset Willy clone.
I thought I had this but the game I had was Willy in the Castle of Dreams - is this from a series or a totally different type of game? I will have another look for Weird Nightmare next week.

Now have 115 games working - will add the other games recommended and then post the new list and start the process of contacting authors and checking freeware - shareware status.
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