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Originally Posted by Ezrec View Post
There should be no need to - I want to make sure that AROS is as close to KS 3.1 as possible. (Which explains what ACATune isn't adding the $8000000 memory - it believes, from the Exec version, that is it running on a KS 3.1 or better OS).

Therefore, I need to implement the $8000000 SDRAM scanning myself.
If you want to replicate KS 3.1 behaviour, then you have to do that.

Is there a specific method that I should use to determine the memory size of that region? Or should any 'generic' RAM size technique work?
The OS checks in increments of 1MB (yes, 1MB, not 512K, like Z3 autosizing) if there is any memory starting from this address. The routine is also capable of detecting mirroring (otherwise, 128MB would be detected on a ACA1230 with 64MB Ram without Maprom and $c00000 mem, since the Ram is mirrored 2 times from $8000000-$fffffff).
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