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Originally Posted by Ezrec View Post
Under AROS m68k (after booting the ROM image with ACAtune -maprom), the 62M of Z3 RAM is not reported, and ACAtune does not add it (I have the KS 3.0 jumper set on my ACA1230/56, since my base ROM is KS 3.0).
Well, technically, only the ACA630 has true Z3 autosizing autoconfig memory. The ACA1230 has non-autoconfig memory, which nevertheless is detected by exec.library >= V40.

When you set the Kickstart 3.0 jumper, 1MB of memory is mapped at $c00000-$cfffff, which is the memory where the Amiga 500 maps its trapdoor memory expansion. This area is detected by all Amiga OS revisions from V1.2 up. The reason for this feature is allowing the OS to put important system structures into faster memory on boot-up for all Kickstart revisions below 3.1. After starting ACATune, the rest of the memory is then added manually.

Even stranger, ACATune -fastmem on reports a 'syntax error'. Weird. But ACAtune -status works correctly.
The parameter is designed to turn fastmem off in order to decrease system speed.

acatune -fastmem off

Does ACATune change its behavior based upon the Exec library version, and if so, what are the behavior changes for the KS versions it knows about?
It changes its behaviour based on type of ACA card and exec library version.

ACA630: All memory is Zorro III autoconfigured. ACATune does nothing.
ACA1230 with exec < 40: memory from $8000000 is added to system manually by ACATune. Memory from $c00000 is added automatically by the OS if available.
ACA1230 with exec >= 40: memory from $8000000 is added automatically by Kickstart 3.1. $c00000 memory is also recognized by the OS if available.

Note that Maprom takes 1MB away from the end of $8000000 memory block. $c00000 memory takes the 1MB memory block before the 1MB Maprom block.

For example, memory map of a 64MB ACA1230:

$8000000-$bdfffff: Fast RAM
$be00000-$befffff: either Fast Ram or 1MB $c00000 mirror
$bf00000-$bffffff: either Fast Ram or 1MB Kickstart mirror for MAPROM

How can ACATune detect AROS?

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