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Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo View Post
man.. You´r a lucky guy!!
I liked to know where is feira da Vandoma so could, sometime, visit it cause my girlfriend is from Guimarães and I go often to the north
Usually I go in feira da ladra since I was 10 (almost 34 years ago) but, until now, every Spectrum I found in there it´s €20 up and normally it´s in bad shape.
I forget to tell that I have a Timex2068 too and this one was purshased in feira da ladra some years ago(I think it costs me around €20 yet in escudos).
I liked to have something to trade but I haven´t spares (only some not working A1200 and a A600 to spares ) although if you want to sell a C64 we can make some business
Well, feira da Vandoma is on Saturday's morning in Fontainhas under Ponte do Infante. Now is becoming harder to find people who wants to get rid of this precious.

When you intend to stop by Porto we could meet to have a cofee and to talk about the amiga. I see that you are an upgrading pro and i could use some tips.

Do you have any spare working 1200 Board that you want to get rid? , and by the way a 1200 case to?? we could start there.
I want to make a 1200 tower but i just don't want to mess with mine.
I have a few spare old consoles too.
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