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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
I have no problem. If you think my games are good enough to get into a top 100 CD that is fine by me . In fact thank you .

BUT, hang fire with my game 'Alien Fish Finger', I've yet to release this game as Freeware. I do have plans to do so soon however.

DJ Cruicky
Thank you for your support with the project - I will hold fire on Alien Fish Finger and contact you nearer the time the cd is ready to go. Which is still a way off as I still have to do the screen grabs for the menu and add the text descriptions.

Hopefully in two weeks time I will have just over a 100 games tested and working and then I can start confirming that they are freeware / public domain or that we can get permision from relevant authors - It may be some versions will have to be demos only. I will post this work in progress list as soon as its ready.

I will add a text document to the cd containing contact details for shareware authors so that it is easy for individuals to contact them and pay for full versions / updates e.t.c. as I suspect that the contact details from the original disks in the 1990s are probably out of date. I will also add this to the website in future months.
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