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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
As for suggestions on which games to include, how about those Skull Army Software games which have recently been re-released. Hydrozone & Wired Chaos. Just remember to disable CPU caches using TUDE (or the CPU NOCACHE command) for the sound to work correctly.
Originally Posted by Peter View Post
RE: Skull Army Software.
The author of the software is registered on EAB (DJCruicky) - I think it would be best to ask the author's permission first.
I have no problem. If you think my games are good enough to get into a top 100 CD that is fine by me . In fact thank you . Of course since it's a non commercial, non profit CD, is ok by me. Just make sure they are the fully updated versions direct from my web links, and all docs are included.

BUT, hang fire with my game 'Alien Fish Finger', I've yet to release this game as Freeware. I do have plans to do so soon however. Just like my other games, that I made freeware, it will be released with a few improvements and bug fixes, in which I'm already a good way through.

Nice list of games on there .

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