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Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo View Post
Man.. you also has a great spectrum collection, did you bought it from ebay??
I started my Spectrum collection last year, have already a Spectrum +3 bought in cash converters with divIDE + CFcard, my cousin gave me a +2 working but in bad condition and a collegue gave me 2 standard 48K´s also in bad condition(already bought a Spectrum + case from Ebay to repair one of the 48k).
I liked to have a original C64 but until now haven´t won any one in Ebay..
Liked the very clear image from rgb->scart cable made by you.. man, you´r a pro

My Towered A1200:
Theres one Spectrum missing from the Pic, Timex 2068 but is in bad shape still waiting for me to have some spare time to put it up and runing. They all have a funny story to tell.
The 48K you see in the picture is one of my precious babys, i bought it from an old guy in Feira da Vandoma in Porto, you have Feira da Ladra, it was very expensive, hehehe, 3€, i was amazed because if you saw it you can see that is completely new, it is unbeliveble the shape is in, it was boxed too, the guy said that he used it 3 or 4 times since then it was boxed for over 20 years, can you believe that?
I bought the 48k plus in the same day but it was in pretty bad shape but now is up and running it costs 2€ . The 128K +2 was a gift from a friend last year and is completely new.
Another funny story was that Timex 2048, my father in law found it in the garbage and he didn't knew what that was and brought it to me because he knew that i was in the computer biz, i could not believe my eyes when i saw it, pure luck i guess and is in good shape too.
The 128k+ belonged to my neighbour and was bought in 1988 by his father and we spent days in a row playing in it, a couple of years ago his father put it on a bag and was ready to throw it away but before that asked me if i was interested in it, well you know the answer for that.
You already have one(128k +3) that i want and i still didn't get my hands on one.

About the C64, if you have a spare 600, or 1200 i'll be glad to trade with you. Both of mine 64 are in great shape.

And by the way i just saw your pictures and damn, you got some serious machine there, congratulations.

It's time to see what we can trade with each other, don't you agree?

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