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Happy Hello from Australia

G'day and Hello

A bit about myself ive been a long time Amiga fan from way back it all started in 1989 when i got my first Amiga a basic A500 with a 512K and i got a Tron type light cycle game with it about a year later i got the extra 512k most kids at school had one as well there was a bit of copy this and i will copy that for you stuff going on but enough of that

I used my A500 till i got a new Sega Saturn around the mid 90s then the poor old thing got put away for years and was forgotten about till about 2 years ago when i was helping cleaning up my mothers house and there it was so i took it and powered it up and been hooked ever since I got more Amigas and hardware, games

So now i have 3 A500s with 1mb in each 1 A600 2mb 2gb CF HDD for ADF to disk and now a A2000 so i felt like i should sign up on this forum as i have been lurking in the back ground on and off for years
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