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Introduction from a new member

Hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself and let people know who I am. I have been on eBay for a while as retro-play-uk (some people may know me from there), expect to see me at some retro gaming events this year

I've been involved in gaming since a small child (I'm 33 next week) I decided in 2006 to take this further and make a business, this was partly as I had a daughter, I'm at the stage where it's time to do it more professionally and move away from eBay, so I'm getting involved in the retro gaming community and hope to make some friends. When I was eBay it took up so much of my time, so I couldn't get involved in this side of the whole retro movement.

I have already made some friends involved in the community, Lorfarius (you may know his YouTube Channel and his involvement in several Retro things), so it's not just a business venture but a hobby as well.

Through my contacts and friends I found several experienced retro enthusiasts who were also skilled IT and Graphics people. They have helped me now create a website that I hope people will use and enjoy. You are welcome to take a look at it.

I also have my own personal collection of games and consoles. That range from the 70's to Now, my current fav's are ColecoVision, NES, PSP, DS, Wii, C64, PC Engine and my MSX. My favourite games are Bomberman, Boulderdash, Mario's, KONAMI and CAPCOM games to name a few.

I'm on msn as well if you ever want to chat, also on Twitter and many other channels. Expect to see me around here posting messages and hopefully finding some friendly people to share my interests.

All the best and hope to have some great chat's in the future, Colin
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