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NewIcons icons can be identified easily: open the icon information for one of these icons and then look at the tooltypes. If there is one reading "don't remove the following lines" followed by a lot lines all reading IM1=rubbish and another lot lines all reading IM2=rubbish, then the file also contains a palette-mapped image for use by the NewIcons patch. Note that "rubbish" is not real rubbish, but holds the image in encoded form. Do not touch these tooltypes.

If the icons are not NewIcons, they probably need a fixed palette. Change the screen mode to 8 colors and run the Click_Me program from the MagicWB archive. If the icons then look fine, you need to install FullPalette and fix the first eight pens to MagicWB palette.

If you run OS 3.9 you can also enable the "Use MagicWB palette" checkbox in Prefs/Workbench. But if you ran OS 3.9, you wouldn't have problems with NewIcons.
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