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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
Any chance of putting Willy's Weird Nightmare on the disc? It's a lovely Jetset Willy clone.
I will have a look, I think it is possible - there are two clones on there already - Jet Set 97 and Top Hat Willy.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Personally I would love to see a CD of all the great PD and Shareware games that were available on the Amiga - it's a great idea.
You know in time some rogue sellers will probably be selling it on ebay!!

How would you be distributing the CD by the way?
I was thinking on the amigapd website as a download - on EAB in the zone - If I have time I would like to add a short booklet with screenshots and descriptions for each game included on the cd and then maybe charge a small fee for a limited run of the booklet with the cd given away free but not sure if the demand would be there to warrant the time to create it.

It is likely that some sellers will put it on ebay and I guess it will be difficult to prevent this as if its public domain it is free to distribute.

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