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We have found some great games in this thread - - like Scavenger 2, Toado, Beetle, Hydrozone... etc and if you are compiling a definitive collection that show cases the Amiga PD and Shareware scene then I suppose all these games should be included really.

The thing is, in most cases I only have permission from the authors to share their games with EAB Forum members and within our Amiga community - occasionally authors have stated that in time they may want to convert their games to newer platforms like the iphone etc... so they are still quite protective over their work.

I cant really speak on behalf of the authors as to whether they would want their games included on a CD or not... it's a little bit tricky to say just go ahead and do it.

It's the same situation with the F1 titles - I only have permission to share these with EAB Forum members.

I don't think anyone would really mind but... the "Sharing and distibution" of software is still a very grey area.

Personally I would love to see a CD of all the great PD and Shareware games that were available on the Amiga - it's a great idea.
You know in time some rogue sellers will probably be selling it on ebay!!

How would you be distributing the CD by the way?

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