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Originally Posted by Parsec View Post
According to unleash-x settings they are on
GTA:SA isn't 720p or 480p for that matter (The US version is 480p tho) go here and find the 720p, 1080i and 1080p compatible games. Those will look a lot better just like the emulators look awesome too with upscale.


Originally Posted by Parsec View Post
Edit: found an interesting video on youtube, it shows the PS2 and xbox versions of san andreas, and you can clearly see the xbox version looks washed out, this is how it looks on my set up too. [ Show youtube player ]. The PS2 version looks a lot richer and so does the PC version.
It looks washed out probably because it's not 480p. You can hex edit the default.xbe using the follow to get 480p for the PAL version of GTA:SA

Locate: 83 C8 20 F3 0F 11 05 0C
Change for: 83 C8 40 F3 0F 11 05 0C

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