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Workbench 3.1 in 256 colours but icons look rubbish

Me again with another question with a no doubt simple-when-you-know-how answer. Here goes...

Now my A1200 is nicely pimped (28mhz Indiv Comp accelerator & CF hard drive thingy) I thought I'd up the colour count in WorkBench assuming that those nice, detailed icons on some demos and games would like virtually perfect. However, they still look naff.

I have based this sumption (perhaps naively) on how Windows behaves when it displays a desktop background, etc. with 16 colours which then gets progressively better looking as you up the colour count.

Is this a simple thing for me to fix / tweak please? I'm going to be showing my A1200 to a mate of mine in a week or so and I'd LOVE to have WB looking sweet.

Big ta.
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