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Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo View Post
Hi Paulo,
Welcome to "our" thread.
If you read all this thread you already "know" me a little
Actually beyond my A1260 shown in this thread
I´m a proud owner of:
- A towered A1200 with a Blizzard 1240, 32MB RAM, 4GB CF card, Multi-Card reader, USBs, Mediator TX with 128MB Radeon 9200 running AOS3.9
- A SAM440EP with 4GB CF card and 320GB disk running AOS4.1.2
- Standard A600 waiting an ACA630 already purshased from AMIGAKIT and a
8" PS2 monitor (already have it but lost the remote ) to connect to
A600 so I could make the A600 a bit like a laptop.
- A standard CD32 purshased from xpect
Briefly will post some pictures from my towered A1240
Nice mod, i saw that you have a VGA port put didn't notice indivision AGA on it... I'm thinking purchasing one from vesalia or amigakit the minute Individual computers starts manufacturing again, i saw on there website that soon they will be on the shelves. What didi you use instead Indivision AGA?
I enjoyed your cuting skills very cool.
Like i said earlier i picked up my "almost forgotten" stock Amigas a year ago. I used them for playing and that's it. Now that i work on the computer bussiness and my knowledge grown a "little", since then, i decided to mod my 1200 and my brother's too.
The biggest problem i had was with the cutting, i was amazed by the quality of the A1200 case, it was not easy to cut it, i made a pretty messy job but in the end it all worked out fine.
I can't say the same about the 1200 boards (I have 1D4 and my brother's a 2B) they are very fragile.
I have put on them CD-ROM, E-matrix and ACA1230(Really great this new card) CFHD, Kick 3.1 and they are running Classic Workbench.
This last year is been an enjoyable learning experience.
Almost forgot, the 500's(Both Rev. 6A) have kick switcher on them 1.3 and 3.1 ROMS plus an external Memory expansion 2 Mb and an internal one that i have a lot of trouble trying to make it work as you can see in this thread .
Meanwhile i became a "master" modding PC Floppy Drives to work on the amiga, made my own 4 player adapters, RGB to Scart cables and modified a few PC Power supply's to work on the amiga(Just for fun).

I also loved to get my hands on a A600 and a CD32, but i don't really want to spend a lot of money on them (my wife will throw me on the street if i spent money on them), just waiting for a miracle and hoping that someone would want to get rid of them for free or for a low price

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