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Anaiis USB stack updated to 0.99

taken from aminet readme:
"At minimum, you need:
- Amiga 68000 at 7.14MHz
- a Highway or a Subway card
- some RAM (70 Ko for a mouse and a keyboard)
- should operate from WB1.1 to AmigaOS4.0 (680x0 cpu required).

V0.99 09-Jan-2011 Fix speed issue (keyboard wont SetAddress).
17-Nov-2010 Stack issue (CLI only, set stack 8000 before launching).
02-Nov-2010 Cosmetics in GUI.
14-May-2010 GUI now works with WB1.1.
11-Apr-2010 Mighty crash when closing fixed.
23-Mar-2010 GUI improvement (fusion of usbstat + anaiis)
07-Mar-2010 Remove all demo code (all is in demo.usbhcd now)
27-Feb-2010 DoIO for usbhcd interface.
21-Feb-2010 Reduce code, Anaiis gui goes from usbstat now
18-Feb-2010 Can load external drivers (#?.hcd or #?.usbhcd)
04-Feb-2010 Bump rev"
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