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Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
home computers like Amiga, Atari and C64 you NEED a keyboard.
actually, i'd disagree that the amiga needs keyboard controls to play games - you can either patch the game (WHDload adding CD32 controls for example) or map a number of keyboard buttons to joypad buttons/combinations.

On the ZX Spectrum, few games used the joystick at all, and so some games use tonnes and tonnes of keys, (e.g. Skool Daze) - for these, i've found ZX-DS to be a perfect with its touch-on-lower-screen keyboard.

Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
NO handheld console offers that.
except the DS *does* offer a keyboard through the second screen!

A two-screen system like that would work for the Miggy too without a "proper" keyboard, but i really dont think it needs it as much.

i like the idea of the Pandora, i do... i'm just unsure because it's taken so long. They really should ahve kept upping the spec a bit more.
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