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Hi Paulo,
Welcome to "our" thread.
If you read all this thread you already "know" me a little
Actually beyond my A1260 shown in this thread
I´m a proud owner of:
- A towered A1200 with a Blizzard 1240, 32MB RAM, 4GB CF card, Multi-Card reader, USBs, Mediator TX with 128MB Radeon 9200 running AOS3.9
- A SAM440EP with 4GB CF card and 320GB disk running AOS4.1.2
- Standard A600 waiting an ACA630 already purshased from AMIGAKIT and a
8" PS2 monitor (already have it but lost the remote ) to connect to
A600 so I could make the A600 a bit like a laptop.
- A standard CD32 purshased from xpect
Briefly will post some pictures from my towered A1240

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