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OK! There it goes:

-Yup, It does work! It doesn't crash just right after making the slightest movement with the mouse any more.

-It runs noticeably slower. Not to the extent to make games unplayable, but you can perceive the difference in my 50 Mhz 68030.

-And now, letting audio settings at default in the launcher... Midi music works! eer, sort of, I mean, It actually crawls and games are actually unplayable, but that's a progress from 1.1.1, which just dropped dead with a gray screen.

-As I said, using "No music" games run a bit slower than 1.1.1, but still smooth and nice. PC speaker emulation is also jerkier than 1.1.1, but works.

-I'm not sure I can play with audio options from the tooltypes (lowering callback rate) as before, they are no longer there.

This is all in my A1200 with Blizzard MKIV 50 Mhz + FPU 64 MB fast RAM and KS 3.1 and WB 3.1. Booting from my 3.9 partition offers exactly the same results.

And, of course, thaaaaanks again for all your work on ScumVM!!!

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