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Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post
Great release !!
Thank you.

How to get 71000us ?

Always 24000 here with -forcedemo -nosfx -indivisiongfx !
71000us is SLOWER than 24000us! You don't want that!

24000us is the maximum speed possible to transfer data over the 16Bit Chip Bus. The ECS C2P routine takes around 68000us per frame, so it's almost 3 times slower than Indivison GFX!

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post

Just a thought, is this of any use to people with RTG cards to play in higher resolutions like 640x480? At the moment not even ADoomPPC (on a 330mhz PPC) is playable above 320x240

Well, I included the resolutions just because I could do it. It didn't occur to me to ask myself the question if it's any use to run ADoom on a 68030 Amiga at 1024x768 in 256 colours...

But again, 320x200 should be very playable on a 25 Mhz machine.

On the ACA630-25Mhz, it's indeed VERY playable.

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