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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
Yup, winuae, and i have Icaros too, for my "fast" amiga fix.
The 030 makes WHDload work great.
The 060, did let me fix my one and only whd install i wrote, which had cache issues..

It was fun to see all the ppc software, but there was nothing "unique" that I couldn't do anywhere else, and I had only a 175mhz ppc.
AOS4.0 never interested me.
I did get to experiment with morphos tho.
Yep, its great to have had the experience, thats for sure.

I'm looking forward to trying OS4.1 Classic on my 330mhz PPC Tower and will be getting a 256mb Radeon for it. This badboy also has 72mhz 060!

I doubt that would have been much fun with 175mhz PPC and BVision though.

I'll probably try it on my Desktop A1200 but I don't expect much... (this has 060@50mhz/240mhz PPC)

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