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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
it took me 4 attempts to get it all working.
Having it as a tower was what stopped me using it. Once it was towered all the joy went away.
Now that I have my 030/50 back in the wedge I actually use my 1200.

I do miss the 060 ;( *sob* hehe.
But I didn't "need" it.
It should now be in a more loved home.
Yep, its much more important that you use and enjoy your Amiga than having something that you don't want to use.

I know its not the same but you can always play with WinUAE for the apps and Demo's that need the extra speed.

I always found A1200 With a Blizzy 1230MkIV to be the perfect Desktop A1200 for Gaming.

I just have an addiction to upgrading! Maybe one day I'll got back to that setup, for now I'm enjoying the hacking and I get my WHDLoad fix from my accelerated A600

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