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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
cool cool
Are you enjoying the bVision?
It is was nice to have a gfx card on my amiga, but alas I stopped using it. (too much effort lol)

Its the dogz nutz mate! I'm using this now more than my Towered A1200, there is something sooooo special about such a high end miggy in a desktop, from the outside it just seems like a normal A1200 and I love the subtle look of the Desktop A1200.

I've put a little VGA heatsink/fan on the BVision for heat tests last night and after a Quake 2 and Wipeout session the Permedia is cool to touch so I guess that does the trick, and this is with the Desktop case closed.

But I was lucky as I had help setting up the CGX/WarpOS/Warp3D - I will try to do my own setup soon but its nice that its all working perfect, just not quite as rewarding as when you nail it yourself.

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