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ADoom V1.4 released

Hello folks!

I have uploaded a new version of ADoom, which supports the Indivision GFX 256 colour direct chunky display of Indivision ECS. Grab it here:

This means, every Amiga user having Indivision ECS and an Amiga capable of running ADoom (A600 computer with ACA630 for example... ) can now enjoy ADoom in 256 colours on ECS machines. Not only is ADoom more colourful, but graphics are also up to three times faster compared to the native ECS version. Just compare the speed of the "screen melt" effect during screen transitions.

This version requires Indivision ECS flickerfixers with V1.0 firmware or later. If you don't have V1.0, update your Indivision ECS by using the flash tools:

Special thanks to Peter McGavin who was very open for my contributions.

If you have any bug reports, post them here.
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