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Weird WarpOS/Warp3D problems after installing MiamiDX/IBrowse

Hey peeps,

Wonder if anyone has ever had or knows what might be causing this issue

Since installing MiamiDX and IBrowse my Warp3D and WarpOS games are running extreamly slow, like 1fps

This is Quake 2 and Wipeout 2097. Both were running fine before I introduced the new apps.

At first I thought the PPC had overheated or something almost shat my pants, but I've tried it in my other Amiga and everything is fine with the Hardware - phew!

So then I thought maybe the BVision was at fault but GLQuake(68k) is running fine, smooth as ever.

So it seems games using both the PPC and WarpOS are now screwed.

Any ideas as to what may be the cause, any libs from these two apps that could upset thing?

I guess its a long shot and I might have to revert to a backup made prior to these introductions and try another TCP/IP stack.

For what its worth I'm online, browsing fine and everything is sweet as a nut!


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