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heres my config:
RAM= chip=2, fast=8, slow=512k, z3 fast=128, rtg=16mb
CPU= 68020+fpu, adjustable cpu/chipset =1, detect idle cpu=yes, jit settings= 8mb, hard flush=no, force settings=no, const jump=yes, no flags=yes, fpu support =yes.
DISPLAY=800*600/16 bit 60 Hz, correct aspect=yes, full screen=yes, display every frame, line mode=doubled
CHIPSET=aga(obviously), collision level=sprite only, fast copper=yes
SOUND=enabled 100%=yes, freq=44.1, stereo, interpolation disabled, buffer=3, lag=0.0%.
Do I really need the z3 fast ram and rtg enabled?
The display is the same as my desktop settings.
It doesnt seem to run quite as well as it did on my A1200 with accelerator, I expected to be able to run it in full screen at a reasonable rate.
Am I expecting too much? Any help would be lovely.
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