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I was thinking you might want to do an amiga version of racketboy's website which focuses on game consoles - I use that site to read reviews of hidden gems (games which were good but people weren't aware off) I also think the site did stuff on the hardware

Alternatively you might want your website to focus on a series of beginners guides e.g. which amiga to buy, which upgrade to buy, how to transfer disks from pc to amiga - how to transfer 3.5 disks to harddrive - basic commands -

You could include a comments box for visitors to leave requests e.g. how do I create an ADF image and then your website would be responding to users needs. Once you do that your visitors will increase - my website started on 30 visitors but now gets an average 100 per day and if there is a post on a forum it can go to 400+ - the other thing to consider is page views - this gives you an idea of how many pages the visitors are visiting and which ones are the most popular which helps you to expand those areas.

In terms of the templates I think you want one that looks more computerish - the templates don't say commodore or amiga- a simple two colour site (red and white from the checked ball demo) but with Amiga 600 pictures would tie in with the theme. Have a look at other amiga websites (e.g. lemon amiga ) to see how they use amiga colours or images to link to their content.

Also think about you website creator you are using - for a free website I would recommend as it is simple drag and drop and you have unlimited storage space - it also easy to embed video and pictures - If you can experience of html and Css you can alter the fonts and style of the website as well.

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