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Just wanted to offer words of encouragement to Dreedo - I started my website just a few months ago and it has been very rewarding and I have learnt a lot in the process - here are some tips to help you develop the site:

Think what is the unique aspect of your website why would people go to your site and not other sites - my site focuses amiga public domain games ( as these tend to be forgotten by other sites which just focus mainly on commercial games e.g. lemon amiga + HOL although recently there has been an increase of focus on public domain games by these sites.

Include a comments textbox or polls on your website to get feedback - this helped me to focus attention on reviews and videos rather than disk images which was how the site started.

Have a reason for users to return to your website - I write monthly reviews of public domain games that I have played the previous month.
Network - I have mentioned my website on other forums - using a tracking system you can see which forums are most interested in your site - EAB is top for my website followed by Amigaworld and then Lemon Amiga
Engage in forum posts which link to your website e.g. I try to reply to posts about public domain games.

Learn about search engines - have you registered your website with the main search engines e.g. Google and bling - this helps users find your site quickly by typing in key words - as your popularity increases your website should increase in the return page.

Don't be affraid to keep your website simple in design - mine uses a simple blue and white (amiga colours) but doesn't have lots of images and animations -

Consider your navigation - do you have breadcrumbs showing the user how they got to their current page and how to return to the previous page.

Don't be put off by negative comments - unfortunately there will always be one person who is eager to criticise - remember all the wonderful sites we use had to start from humble beginnings. The two questions I think you need to focus on to improve the site is what is unique about the site and why will people want to return each week?
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