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Someone had problems using ACA 630 and a compact flash PCMCIA reader? I have an A600 motherboard rev. 2D, and all data copied to CF card are corrupted, i have tested with ACATune with maprom, fastchip and z2chip functions activated, and i tested also without ACATune, but without any successful result, it only works with ACA 630 disabled.

Yes I also have problems with PCMCIA : Drive is just not recognized - I don't get an CF0: icon on workbench. For me it would be sufficient if it works when disabling the accelerator, as I only have to copy stuff once in a while.
Guess I have to try again tonight.

By the way: I succesfully loaded Kick 3.1 maprom, SPEED INCREASE IS AWESOME! Every operating system in the world should have this response time!! (i've tested the new beta btw, didn't test a 1Mb rom yet.. but might do that tonight).
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