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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
@ Foxman
I have basicaly the same configuration here, but I have latest AHI installed, if you havent allready install AHI too. For me its now working, the 030 version (amiga port v1.1.1) works best for me (without gurus). And of course select "No music" in the main options.

I've just put a new 060 version in the Zone, can you give it a go on your 060 and see if it runs any quicker than the 030 version.

You should also try playing with the settings, if you've only got Paula you should use 8 bit (without any +) and at the most 12k and then you should try changing the player callback frequency to say 16.

To test MIDI playback you should use DOTT as Sam and Max is a real system killer, you can also try Full Throttle because it doesn't seem to use the MIDI emulator.
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