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Originally Posted by Khyron View Post
Could you give more details on this issue. Does it affect all units, or is it specific to some sort of combination?
It only affects a few units, and we're handling this under warranty.

FOL's remark about losing your warranty by glueing on a fan may not be so wrong. The heatsink is designed to radiate heat on a large area. The fan covers part of that area. If for some reason the fan fails, it's counterproductive. Everything is fine while it spins, though. However, keep in mind that it was designed to radiate heat as a passive device into an environment that's up to 60 degrees warm. This means that it still requires a temperature difference on top of those 60 degrees to radiate the heat and keep the CPU below 70 degrees. If you touch the heatsink, you will feel "hot", as the human skin feels anything above 55 degrees as "too hot to touch".


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