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- I encountered a problem with gtlayout.library which was absent despite the bvision drivers I used (from cgx website). I solved it by installing a 68k version of this lib, found on the web. Is it a good thing ? I mean, it works, but is it safe and powerfull enough ?
I don't understand this question completely, I assume gtlayout.library is missing, is this correct? It's available here

Do not use the PPC version of CGX. It's not faster and will not work with WarpOS (see below). CGX4 is more stable and bug free than CGX3, but CGX3 should work fine. If you're going to upgrade to OS3.9 you might need the (commercial) CGX4 though...

- How to customize my setup in order to have a good looking wb ?
Which icons set ? Which patch ? Which wb replacement. I'd like to have a really cool wb but still have a basic setup, very stable and compatible with older software.
Huh? Sorry, but I would need to write a book to answer this question completely. Give me money and I'll do it. If you don't want to spend money, check various threads on this message board.

Get WarpOS and BlizzPPCFix from Aminet and READ ALL THE ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION. WarpOS is a sort of alternative "driver" for your PPC card (not really, but I would have to explain a lot if I'd want to be more precise). Most PPC software uses WarpOS instead of the original PowerUp software that is part of your PPC accellerator. You can't run both systems at the same time, so you'll have to decide which one you want to use - WarpOS is the better choice. Also get the power up emulation library, this will enable you to run PowerUp software under WarpOS.

- Which progs to use in order to use the ppc and bvision to its maximum ? (ps : I have 64 mega ram).
Strange, back in my days we baught new hardware when we encountered software that required it - not the other way round...

Get the "Warp" datatypes from Aminet. AmigaAmp is the Amiga version of WinAmp (supports WinAmp skins). There are lots of ports of 3D games (check Aminet for Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Quake, Descent and Wolfenstein3D). Most commercial Audio software and gfx programs support the PPC.

- I have idefix and use a cdrom drive on the ideport. How to disable idefix, in a dynamic way, when I don't use the cdrom (not plugged). For the moment, I have errors when booting wb (cdrom not plugged).
Move the "CD0:" icon from SYS: Devs/Dosdrivers to SYS:Storage/Dosdrivers - your CDROM will no longer be automatically mounted on startup. To mount it manually, double-click the icon.

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