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I use Discjuggler as well but for some Saturn games I have also had good results burning CD's using ImgBurn.

Some downloads are would burn to CD without sound - probably something I was doing wrong I know but I got more success using ImgBurn with difficult downloads - burning from the Cue file was a good tip someone told me on here... I have tons of Saturn games now - it is still a great console and has loads of good titles....

Just out of interest Steve - what sort of display do you get from your Saturn and which TV do you connect it to?
RIA (Reason I ask - God, did I just invent an acronym...?) is because I have my Saturn set up via a proper Saturn SCART Cable to my LCD TV and rather like a PS1 it gives a some what blocky, pixely picture... I am thinking of actually connecting it to my Philips Monitor which although has a smaller screen gives a first class picture from a PS1.

There are some good Saturn Sites - give me a shout for links if you need them but to be honest they are pretty easy to find on the net.

@Steve - cheers for the switch (from the other thread) by the way!
Give you a shout when I actually get some time to get my A600 back out - had to put it away over Xmas!

EDIT - UPDATE - FYI - I have loads of working Saturn CD's burnt using Verbatim and Sony disks.

Also I found that things like "AnyDVD" or similar programs tended to screw up the burning process on my Laptop so I stopped all these programs first prior to burning.

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