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Do 020, and AGA at the same time, even though there are some AGA games which don't require an 020, it is a nice addition.

Frontier works nice on an 020, with my ipad, (there is a sound issue though...).

Originally Posted by scarnie View Post
Using CoreAudio for sound, which is same engine I used for C64. Works great and overhead is minimal. OpenAL was buggy when I first started C64.
OpenAL still has bugs, but since All I need todo is queue up buffers, It doesn't bother me. But at least it works in the simulator nowadays.

Originally Posted by scarnie View Post
According to Apple's videos, docs and forums, OpenGL perf should now be closer to metal than Core Graphics. It was much slower on the MBX, but SGX is a completely different beast.

Yes, very happy with the results for little overhead. First time writing useful GLSL shaders, so that was fun
Yeah I noticed that, when I fired up some of my old code, it went at light speed. Might have to play with it some more.
Shaders are always fun, but a pain in the arse to debug. hehe.

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