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ignore the pic at the top of the page and scroll down.
The GameBone from 22Moo (out of Sydney) is going to be awesome. Fully licensed under the Apple MiFi program, it will work on non jailbroken devices. We're working with them and will have C64 support out of the gate and adding it to Amiga too. The specs look good, with kickstand, battery and a decent number of buttons for all your retro gaming needs

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I said, that the Winuae CPU core is too slow on a 3gs (but it does add 020+)
The fame-c one is fine for the 3gs.
Ahh, no worries. Though adding 020 to mine probably wouldn't be too hard, but for little gain. Most of what we'll be going for is fine with ECS and 68K. Anything I can gain in performance will mean better battery life, so I've been pretty heavily benchmarking and improving. I did find the same things you did, with converting the bit planes to chunky mode, but I will use some NEON code to hopefully improve that.

I was able to get about 25-30FPS for IK+ on a 3G, which was good enough for that game, but scrollers suck unless 50/60FPS. We decided to go ARMv7 exclusively to ensure good performance.



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Are you using OpenAL for sound, It works extremely well.
Using CoreAudio for sound, which is same engine I used for C64. Works great and overhead is minimal. OpenAL was buggy when I first started C64.

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how fast is openGL, did you loose performance, or is it about the same?
According to Apple's videos, docs and forums, OpenGL perf should now be closer to metal than Core Graphics. It was much slower on the MBX, but SGX is a completely different beast.

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Using shaders for the scanlines etc is a good idea.
Yes, very happy with the results for little overhead. First time writing useful GLSL shaders, so that was fun

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