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Pretty Cool, I wondered what happened to that one.
It will be interesting how apple handles it, since he also needs to license the roms.
Optimizing the CPU for arm, is trivial performance boostage IMO. The slower parts I found were the updating the gfx, and the sound emulation. But since he is aiming for the App store, instead of Cydia. I guess he can't really write directly to the device's pixelbuffer. Basically it is 3ms, compared to like 12-15ms.

PS. You don't need a Jailbroken Iphone for the direct Pixel access, just need to use a "private" API from apple.
We have licensed the Amiga ROMs and likewise the games that we release. I'll also release all the code (including my optimized C/ARM core) once it hits the App store.

Yes, it sucks not being able to use CoreSurface, but I've spent hours determining the fast path for Core Graphics and found that 16-bit BGR1 (5551) was the absolute best for the older ARM1176 / MBX. Seems to be just a favourable for the ARMv7/SGX hardware. I'm moving to OpenGL for iAmiga as I've written some GLSL shaders to produce effects that improve the look for the higher-res displays, inspired by Mame OSX.

These images are taken from a simulated Retina display

No Effect

50% Scanlines

Aperture 1x2 (RB)
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