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I have looked at porting winuae, it should be fine on a ipad, or iphone 4.
But the cpu core is too slow for the 3gs.
I have currently got cpuemu working and fame cpu core.
Cpuemu is slow on the 3gs, but it is nice on the ipad etc.
The 3GS is running the same ARMv7 architecture as the iPhone 4 (800MHz) and iPad (1GHz), albeit at a slower, 600MHz. It is more than adequate to run Amiga emulation, as my [ Show youtube player ] shows (that's my 3GS). I have written my own hybrid C/ARM optimized 68000 core, which gave me the necessary boost for the 3GS. It runs up to 2x faster than the straight FAME/C core, and I know I could tweak it more.

Here is TouchArcade's more recent hand's on with my work.

I've more recently got TV out working (and it's awesome) and fixed a few long standing bugs in my 68K core. I think I still have a few to work out, but doesn't effect most games.

One of the more recent bugs I resolved was pretty interesting. Shadow of the Beast used a crazy technique whereby a branch instruction was set to an odd address, thus raising an address exception. In turn this directed to a handler to display the big "IN" graphic, which caused my core to hang.



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