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OK, after 15 minutes of testing, my ACA1230/28 is running fine!
(OK, I'm not as patient as gibs.. ;-)


Of course, there's some false advertising here.. I was getting a 28Mhz card, but SYSINFO says it's 29Mhz!!! ;-) :-)

I did have to remove the case to get it to fit, but at least so far (knocking on wood) it's running nicely...

Thanx Jens for a great product and thanx Amigakit for a great store..

64M and 28Mhz.. I feel like Scrooge on Christmas morning... I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl...

What to do with all that power? ;-)
AlienBreed 3D AGA ran great (IMHO)... Same smallish screen and blocky graphics, but seemed much smoother to me... Very playable..

Thanx again,

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