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Thanks - no Hellzone is proving difficult. I know on one PD game it doesnt work on the CD32 and on the Assassins it does. Think it might take a bit of head scratching to get it working but I do like that game so will keep going to solve it.

Overall I am taking the easy option at the moment and just adding new games to get closer to the 100 target, most are working fine, just added Drip, Scorched Tanks, Demo of Morton Strikes Back and a Demo of MrBeanBag as I had never played that game and still don't know if it will be released or finished.

I hadn't tried death angel - I will try to add it as it looks good from the screenshots.

UPDATE - Have now got Hellzone to work using the following:

RunIt degrade
run level1

This has also helped out with some other games aswell.

Thanks for the information on the assign function - this has worked for Starwoids, Yelp, Jumpem

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