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@Tokyoracer : don't invent a story, Cosmos is a polite guy. He has purchased a board, he can do what he wants with it, he's not the kind of guy that will come back crying for taking the board under warranty if something wrong happen. You know what he is going to do in this case ? no ? He is going to unsolder everything and put everything new on the board. ahahah
Have a look at his blog ( look at all the mods in 2010. I don't know anybody here that has done much more mods than him.
No he is not out of respect. definitely.
That 630 is a totally unique peice of hardware and since there's no accelerator like it, no matter how much hackery skill one has, only the guy who designed this would know what's what. He's made that point clear but like I said before if you want to put it on the line, good luck to you sir.
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