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Hehe. Yeah, I mainly wanted something special to kick off the new year. I thought Don's first video was pretty funny, though he might have overdid it a bit at the start about how I wasn't appreciated and so on. I was really hoping for something more obviously tongue-in-cheek. Still, you'd have to be pretty thick to watch that whole episode and still think it was legit.

About the donations system, it's something I've been struggling with for a long time. I have to look at myself every now and then and wonder if I'm doing the right thing putting so much time and energy into a youtube channel. I originally started the show as an experiment; I wanted to see what youtube and video editing was all about and get the word out about my books. It was fun learning all that stuff and trying new techniques, refining the program, etc.

Eventually, though, it did start to get old, especially when I realized the show had stopped growing and that several folks who had started around the same time I did were soaring past me in subs and views (and of course getting partnerships). It's kinda hard to keep doing something when you feel like you've hit a plateau like that. It didn't help that my software is awful (Sony Vegas Platinum) and crashes all the time, adding all kinds of unnecessary stress (and hours and hours of extra rendering). I frankly have better things to do with my weekends than cuss and fume at a piece of software (that isn't even a CRPG!)

Hopefully I'll be able to collect enough money to get some better editing software and perhaps some odds and ends I've been wanting (particularly better lighting). Probably not realistic but who knows?
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