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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
There have only been motherboard timing issues.
I'm guessing that's what he was talking about.
That and the people who have problems until they get ACATUNE working properly.

If you just catch glimpses of the thread (and it's huge), I can see people getting that impression.


My ACA1230/28 arrived today!!!!!!!!


It's a thing of beauty!!!!

I haven't installed it yet..

It was a crazy week/day and I'm beat...
Also, I have 3.0 kickstart, so I have to make sure I get ACATUNE ready to go before I install the card. (Well, HAVE TO might be to strong, but I want to)..

(Too crazy at work to install Amiga hardware?? I know, but I've been working on convincing Hitachi that the error my OSes are seeing aren't OS issues. They are SAN issues!! Finally got them to admit it, so at least we ended on a good point, with them looking at DUMPS to now tell us why..)


p.s. Did I mention, I GOT MY ACA1230!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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