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This is in reference to Amiga Menu System since the posts from that thread were merged over here:

Use Image Studio to load AMS.IFF. Go to the Process menu and select Palette > Save. Save the palette as AMS.palette or something in the Palettes drawer.

Now open a screenshot, choose Scale... from the Process menu, and make the image 320x128. Click OK, wait for the image to resize, then go back to the Process menu and select Palette > Load. Load the AMS.palette you saved earlier, optionally choose a dithering method (Floyd-Steinberg is a good all-rounder) and click OK. The screenshot will now have its colours reduced and remapped to the same palette as AMS, so you can save it out as an IFF/ILBM file and it should work.

If you are happy with the results, you can easily batch process a whole directory full of images to use for AMS. Image Studio can do this for you automatically and even save the images in another directory so the originals remain unaltered. To start a batch process, follow these steps:

* Make sure RexxMast is running. It can be run from your Startup-Sequence, User-Startup, WBStartup drawer, or just by double-clicking it inside the System drawer in the boot partition.
* Double-click on Batch Process from the Scripts window (open it from the Tools menu if it's not open already).
* Using the ASL requestor, choose the directory where your source images are and select them all.
* When you're asked if you'd like to use a different destination directory, it's best to choose Yes so your original images aren't overwritten.
* Choose a new directory where you want your resized, remapped images to be saved to.
* Select IFF-ILBM when you're asked to choose output format.
* When asked to choose ILBM format, select "As buffer".
* When asked if you want to save the screenmode, select "No".
* When it asks for a filename extension, just delete the ILBM part and leave it so it says: ". .IFF" then hit Enter and click OK.
* You don't need to delete the source files, so when asked, select "No".
* The next requester asks you to enter any additional processes you want done to the images. Since you want them to be resized, remapped and (possibly) dithered, you should type in this line:


This should increase the colour depth to 24bit and then scale the images to 320x128 using the "Colour average" method which produces smoother results than the "Fast" method. Then the image will be reduced to 256 colours, remapped and dithered using the "Floyd-Steinberg" routine.

When it's finished you should have a directory full of images that should work in AMS now.

Some tips before you start:

* Toggle the size gadget on the main image window and/or resize it to its smallest size, this will greatly reduce processing time as it won't have to redraw and dither a large image to display in the window with each step through the batch process.
* Make sure you copy the commands exactly, using capitals where I used them.
* Of course, make sure you have the keyfile and PNG loader/saver module installed. The keyfile can go in the ImageStudio root directory.
* Set up Image Studio to use as high a resolution as you can use. Normally High Res Interlace is fine, but use HighGFX if you have an Indivision, and stick to 16 colours (it is faster this way and doesn't affect the images). RTG users don't need to worry so much.
* Open all Tool windows and lay them out neatly, then open the Prefs from the Project menu. Tick the options "Save screenmode" and "Save window positions" and hit Save.

Here is how I have my Image Studio screen laid out:

Good luck, I hope this helps!
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