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Cosmos can do whatever he wants with his board since it's his money paid
No-one's need to judge him since I haven't saw anywhere Cosmos advertising on doing the Overclock to other people's boards.
If for some reason his board will fry, it's his risk and his responsibility. Btw I'm a huge Cosmos's fan and keep reading his blog every once and a while! \o/

Speaking for myself, I'm quite happy with my ACA630@30 cause it's a lot faster than my Apollo 630 (even @ 50MHz which I tried overclocking him. Yeah he's unstable as fok @50MHz).
I admire Jen's and Oliver's work in designing/producing such a rock stable accelerator! Definitely worth every penny.

Btw, Jens never said he was going to make an Super Accelerator to be able to play mp3, linux or future browsers. Just understand that the power of the 030 is limited and if you want such stuff either buy MASPlayer or 060 Accelerators via eBay or other Amiga Forum adds.

Building 060 accelerator today is something really not easy, first because 060 CPUs can't be hoarded easily and the whole design wouldn't worth the production run nor the tremendous amount of time and effort. I guess it's easy to come to conclusions if you're outside of hardware production and making money of it!!!

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